Bigo Live Download For iPhone, iPad and Mac iOS

Bigo Live broadcasting has never been so amusing in terms of quality it offers for wholesome entertainment. Across all the mobile platforms, live streaming and broadcasting is a big thing and as a result, multiple apps have come up. Talking about one such app, it is Bigo Live which has been making news since a long time, meant for iOS users this indeed remains something to try out to enjoy the technological innovation in broadcasting.

Bigo Live Download For iPhone/ iPad iOS:

Bigo Live For iPad/iPhone iOS is a never to be missed out app because of the features and efficiency it has. You can start your own broadcasting to be a famous face on social media sites. Even if you wish to launch your own channel or a program sometime, this live streaming can make you determine the waters in which you are.

Bigo Live review

Developed by Bigo technology, you can download and buy this app from iTunes. Considered to be a new trend in broadcasting, this is a popular app in mobile platform areas were starting your own live streaming is possible and enjoy the performances by other people as well.

review of bigo live

Not only that, it is a pleasing app where you can win prizes if you become a popular face on the channel.

Features of Bigo Live

This app runs both on iPad and iPhone and categorized as social networking app, it comes for free and was launched in March 2017. This tool is available in many languages which are as follows:

  • Vietnamese
  • Turkish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Thai
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Indonesian
  • English
  • Arabic

To download and use this app, you need to be at least 17 years old as per its terms of usage, besides that, frequency regarding the display content is as follows:

  • Mild sexual content can be displayed very infrequently
  • Realistic violence is mild and displayed infrequently

Bigo live Aspects:

Apart from the above content displayed, Bigo Live is compatible with iOS 7 and later versions. Coming on to the features, you can watch out for the following aspects which have made this one of the most loved apps:

  • Through Star broadcaster, you can interact with stars from across the world and YouTube celebrities and Facebook top influencers help to boost the viewership on BIGO LIVE
  • Become the next star by getting connected with various fans and users
  • Broadcasted videos can be watched from any location
  • Get virtual gifts in lieu of displaying your passion by sending roadsters to the broadcasters
  • You may collaborate with your friends through Guest Live feature by sharing your broadcasting with them
  • Bigo Live offers many activities which can reward you with diamonds and beans along with the prizes that you will love
  • If you have beans, you may exchange them for money thus earning more

bigo live app

Updating and improvement:

To get the latest updates about New Bigo Live features, you may follow social media sites to get updated about new advancements and features. The app also asks for user feedback which helps in improving the app. Bigo always focuses upon the newness which is evident from the features being introduced from time to time regularly.

The new version of Bigo Live is meant for providing better user experience as two guests can share similar platform for broadcasting. If you want to communicate with the users then reply with messages while you are LIVE. Share photos of your friends when chatting privately and cast votes for the broadcasters you admire.

bigo live

BIGO LIVE – Conclusion:

Start your own broadcasting easily and flash the fashion through your style by using Bigo Live. Interact in real time with the broadcasters that you love or chat with anybody in private. You can connect with your favorite superstars in a short time or invite your friends to join you. Discover the global stars and with online celebrities nearby, you can explore the world of Bigo Live app which offers you everything that you want to share with the rest of the world to showcase what you have.

This is an easy way to be famous by employing your own tactics and improving these with time in order to gain the popularity that you desire in a speedy way in the virtual world.

Shareit For PC – Download Shareit App For Windows(7/8.1/10) & Mac iOS

Shareit is the free application that allows users to send, receive content at the lightning fast speed between devices. From photos to videos, documents to folders and more, it can transfer gigabytes of files from PC to PC in a matter of minutes without cables. Download the application to run on Shareit for PC for free and make transferring of files easier and faster.People exult to share all the good moments with their friends and family.

Shareit For PC – Install Latest Version for Windows/Laptop & iOS Devices:

Shareit For PC

Sharing of the files would be easier and efficient if you find any effective and easy way. Shareit is the application that allows you to share all your files and videos for free at lightening fast speed download shareit latest version. The application is the easiest and the fastest way to share all your files, photos, apps and shares much more amongst your buddy for free. Shareit is the application that was developed primarily for Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows Phone.

Owing to the increasing demand of the application, now PC version of Shareit has also been introduced. You can now run Shareit for PC as the official version of the application is now available.

The Interesting Features of Shareit for PC!

  • Backup of Photos – Shareit on PC would be an amazing experience because apart from sharing the files and videos amongst different PCs, the application also allows you to create storage and backup for all the received files on the HDD of your PC. The App saves and backup all the files that you have received through this app.
  • Remote View – Remote View is the wonderful feature of Shareit which allows you to search the files and folders on your PC from your PC. You can find any folder or files on your PC and display it, play it or Shareit from your PC.
  • PowerPoint Control – You are no longer required use the separate clicker or mouse while presenting PowerPoint using Shareit App on your PC. The application allows you to control PowerPoint Slides on PC or projector with ease. You can feel free to walk around the conference room or classroom along the audience to interact with them in between a discussion.
  • PC to PC Transfer – The best part of the Shareit on PC app is that it allows you to transfer folders and files from PC to PC with ease. You simply need to choose the colleague and friends and start transferring the content back to back and also receive any files from your friend’s PC in a matter of seconds.

Shareit For PC 1

Steps to Download and Run Share it on PC – For Windows!

Downloading and using Shareit on PC doesn’t involve much effort. However, you need to follow few simple steps to download the application and run it successfully on your Windows PC.

  • Click the download button available at the website to start the downloading of the application on your Windows PC

  • Once you complete downloading of the application on your PC you need to run the .exe file to start the installation process
  • While installing the application you will be asked to agree to the licensing agreement
  • Click “Accept” button to grant permission and complete the installation successfully to run Shareit on PC.

Steps to Download and Run Shareit on PC – For Mac PC!

  • Download the iOS emulation xPadian from its official website.

  • After downloading and installing the emulator on your Mac PC go to the search bar and type “Shareit for Mac” and hit enter
  • Now click on the icon of Shareit to start downloading and installing the app
  • Open the Shareit App after the installation is over successfully

You can now run the Shareit on PC and start sharing and receiving files between PCs at lightening fast speed.

WhatsApp For PC | Downlaod Latest Version Whatsapp for PC, Laptop & Mac

WhatsApp Messenger application is actually initiated for the Android software smart device users only. Later, it was also enabled for the iOS and Windows. By using this application you can chat for free all over the world. Even the applications save messages in your offline account so that whenever you are in the network, the messages pop up automatically. You can install WhatsApp Messenger from the Google play store app for free of cost and save money on messaging and chatting. No need to pay extra carrier charges for SMS. Simply message, call and do video chat through WhatsApp via ISP or the wifi connectivity.

WhatsApp for PC Download Windows 7/8/10 & Mac iOS:

WhatsApp For PC

WhatsApp application is known for its popularity now all over the world. It has millions of users and since it is accessible for Windows and iOS, from then unlimited users are joining per second with the WhatsApp Messenger network. Whether you need to share documents, links, videos or any photo, WhatsApp is capable of transferring all in fractions of seconds. It is the fastest growing network after the popularity of Facebook.

Step by step download process of WhatsApp for PC:

Like, for the Android version of WhatsApp, you can directly download and install through the Google play store. But in the case of  WhatsApp for PC you have to search for the official website only. It is either available on WhatsApp official web page or on different leading software providing websites.

  • Step 1 open the web browser and search for the official WhatsApp messenger application website.
  • Step2- you will find out different tabs stating download link for PC, Android or iOS. You have to click on the WhatsApp for PC
  • Step 3- a new window popup will appear which says download Bluestacks software player before installing WhatsApp. This is a kind of an android simulator which is required to support WhatsApp application on PC.
  • Step 4- once bluestacks is downloaded, now install it completely and open the program. You can see WhatsApp messenger application logo in it which is available for download.
  • Step 5- now click on the WhatsApp logo and follow the link. You will see an option “install”. Click on that and complete the installation process.
  • Step6 after the commencement of installation you are supposed to verify your contact number and email id. The WhatsApp messenger that is already registered on the provided contact number will combine the PC version as well. All the data that you have shared or you will further initiate will reflect on both the platforms simultaneously.

WhatsApp For PC 2

User Interface

The designing and appearance of the Download WhatsApp for PC latest version are quite simple and updated. A vast window with minimize option is accessible. You can see on the very left side of the window screen is the option for calls, then chats and later right side is contacts.

You can also make groups, broadcast news or share data to the available contacts from the PC version at any pint of time. The data which is deleted from the PC version of WhatsApp account is not removed from the phone account. Until and unless you will clear the chat from the device account, it will remain safe.

You can also change the WhatsApp status from your PC account whenever required without even taking out the device out of your pocket anymore. This is a user-friendly application program available for PC which enables the user to work while chatting on the same device without struggling with two different gadgets at the same time.


There is a big confound by the reviewers on WhatsApp for iOS & PC i.e. its performance as well as system’s processing. After using the WhatsApp via stimulator called bluestacks you may administer a loss in processor speed which creates problems such as a hang, no response of the programs, web page restart or close program notifications. Therefore, at the online sources, various options are now provided by the developers by which you can use WhatsApp for PC without using the bluestacks stimulator.

WhatsApp For PC 1

Final Thought:

The WhatsApp for PC is a genuine and a remarkable approach is done by its developers till date. It is saving time, device battery as well as gives a bigger display for chatting and commenting meetings at a corporate level.

Bigo Live app – Download the Bigo Live into your Android & iPhone

Download Bigo Live There is a flood of apps on the internet that gives you an opportunity to video chat with your friends, family, relatives and all your loved ones all over the world irrespective of the place you are in and irrespective of the time you want to chat. But of all the video chatting application, there are only a few from which you find the real joy in chatting and getting a great experience. Well, Bigo Live is one of that video chatting application you would love to use to chat with someone may be next door or may be miles away from you probably in some other corner of the world. Now, this is the video chatting part.

Bigo Live app – Install the Bigo Live into your Android & iPhone:

bigo live

Did you know that this app not only allows you to video chat but also to stream online videos and watch your favorite live channels right from your PC or mobile, tablets and any device that supports internet services? These combined features of both online streaming and video chatting don’t come with all applications and that is the very reason it makes it unique. Let us discuss the features of the Bigo Live by which you could give a second thought if you wanted to ignore:

Steps To Install The Bigo Live Into Your iPhone:

  • Search for the ‘Bigo liveapp on the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Click on the Bigo Live app to have it downloaded. See to it that you don’t get along with some other application which might have a close-to-similar name to Bigo Live.
  • You might be asked to fill your Apple Id in this juncture.
  • Once the download is done, the app gets itself installed on your system.
  • You are now all set to launch the application and enjoy it.

The Bigo Live comes for the Android Phones too, in fact, it first came for the Android so it would be great if you knew the downloading process for Android as well:

Steps To Downloading Process Of Bibo Live For Android:

  • You could download the bigo live for Android file from the Google Play Store or download directly from the websites providing you downloading links.
  • If you choose to download from any website, you would need to enable download from ‘Unknown Resources’. To do this go to security settings> and enable the ‘Unknown Resources’ option.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded, go to the Downloads folder wherein the APK file resides.
  • Click on the file and it starts getting installed. Follow the onscreen instruction to get it fully done.
  • And now you are ready to enjoy it.

Bigo Live Features:

  • Online video streaming possible even with slow internet connection. If you had a 2G connection, even then you could stream online keeping the quality reasonably low to avoid buffering. This feature makes it durable at times when you have a poor internet connection.
  • Unlike other application, this app is completely free of adds which mean there is no chance of phishing attacks and various other potential methods by which you could be vulnerable to any harmful threat.
  • Bigo live app is available on the Google Play Store as well as on the Mac Apple Store for absolutely free of cost and is completely free to use too.
  • A great interface is all you require to do the best Marketing and free word of mouth. A user is to be attracted and feel the ease to use the app more easily and efficiently. This app has got an excellent interface giving a great user experience.
  • There are more than a million of videos on the app and there are regularly updated of videos as well.
  • It has got an online video chatting feature as well as online video streaming feature all executing in HD quality. This explains itself.
  • Users can create their accounts on the app and keep uploading their videos of their constant whereabouts, their doings and the like. You could find innumerable funny videos, jokes, documentaries, updates, comedy, dance, plays, drama and stuff like that.
  • The search algorithm of Bigo Live download is awesome that it allows you to eventually connect with stars and celebs all over the world, interacting with them.
  • The latest feature Bigo added is that you broadcast live right from your mobile giving your viewers the chance to watch your update live on their phone and even later.

GarageBand for Windows 7/8.1/10 PC Laptop and Mac OS

GarageBand is the sermonizing app in the world of music that comes with many amazing features to enhance your sound mixing and editing experience. The application acts as the composer to DJ and instrument players. It has got many different tools and equipment pre-installed in the application which helps the users to create their own playlists and songs of their preferences.It allows the users to edit a variety of lyrics and background music to create unique and new music to listen. However, this amazing application was only introduced for iOS and Mac PC, but later it was again updated and can be used by Android users. But, now PC users can also get this music mixing and editing tool on their PC. Below you will come across with the guide on how to download the GarageBand for Windows PC.

GarageBand is the most widely used Android application designed specifically for sound mixing and editing of music. This application is no longer restricted to Android devices as there are options available that can help PC users to get GarageBand for Windows PC for free. Check out for the options below.

GarageBand for Windows PC and Mac OS Free Download!

GarageBand for Windows

As already mentioned, GarageBand is the official application for Mac devices and Apple Smartphone and hence it is only available for Mac devices and iOS. Fortunately, now Windows PC users can also download the sound mixing software by using the Apple emulator on their Windows PC to get GarageBand for Windows 10 for free. But, before you proceed for downloading the application on your PC, you must know the key features and the reasons for downloading the music studio on your Windows PC.

  • It is the advanced music mixing app and recording tool for Windows
  • It offers the feeling of professional music studio package for enhanced music editing
  • It allows you to mix and play over hundreds of software instruments
  • Simply select the beats and loops and rest will be done the app automatically to create great sound and songs
  • There are 1000 of loops to choose from it supports live and virtual instruments
  • It allows capturing and editing music at enhanced level
  • User-friendly interface that makes it easier for beginners to edit music using the app
  • It offers exceptional working environments to the users and helps them keep things in an organized way


Download and Install of GarageBand for Windows PC using Apple Emulator

GarageBand for Windows download

Till now you are well versed with the fact that how important it is to have the GarageBand for PC Windows on your device, but the untoward thing is that it is only available for iOS platform. However, you don’t have to get worried as with the help of Apple Emulator you can download and get the application on your Windows PC. The well-known Apple Emulator is iPadian which is popular and safe that allows free downloading of the GarageBand App on your Windows PC.

  • Download the iPadian on your Windows PC from its website
  • Now run the .exe file on your PC to download and install the Apple emulator on your PC
  • Follow the instruction to complete downloading the emulator
  • Now launch the emulator once it is installed on your Windows PC and choose the “App Store”
  • On search bar type “GarageBand for Windows” and click enter
  • From the search results tap on GarageBand icon to start downloading the app on Windows PC
  • Follow the guidelines to complete downloading and installation of the GarageBand App
  • After the installation is over a shortcut icon will be created on the home screen of the PC. Launch the app and start mixing and editing music on your PC for free.


This is the most popular music mixing and recording application that is gaining popularity in the music world. So, to Download GarageBand for Windows, follow these simple steps and enjoy recording, mixing and sharing of music with just a few taps.

Wechat Apk – Download Latest V6.5.7 For Androids & Mac iOS

Wechat is the social media instant messaging and calling platform that’s designed to let people cut down the distance across the globe. Social media platforms have transformed the world (and with this, I mean literally transform), and this is quite evident through the dependency we own to the different social media platforms. WeChat is basically the Chinese platform to chat and communicate, which is available in multiple languages to let it be more user-friendly suiting the increasing demands of people across the globe. Through WeChat apk you could download the application with utmost ease, and this would change your life for better.

Wechat Apk Download For Windows PC & iPhone/iPad:

Wechat Apk

The increasing popularity of this Chinese calling and messaging app and put people into the dilemmatic situation, wondering the reason for why the app is becoming so popular. For an application to be preferred, it needs to be easy to use, free of cost, and of course, should bring in such interesting features which are hardly introduced by any other platform or company. Thus, below we will discuss some of the reasons (features) which make Wechat app popular amongst its people

Best Features For Wechat Apk:

WeChat out calls WeChat is not just about chatting through messages, but it allows the users to make quick and seamless calls to different landlines and mobile phones across the globe. This is possible is conveniently low rates, where the users enjoy the most flawless option to chat and communicate.

Wechat Apk 3

WeChat group chats and calls- Not just calls and chats with one single user, but group chat option are enabled to. You not only can communicate on messages within a group, but voice calls too could be made in a group where more than two people can communicate at reasonably low rates for better output.

WeChat multimedia messaging You can send videos, images, text and voice messages too. Now, this is interesting as multimedia options to communicate makes the entire process much more interesting. Now you don’t really need a reason to chat with the people you know because you could even entertain each other through the multimedia communication options.

WeChat sticker gallery There are free animated stickers available in hundreds of numbers. Now a day communication isn’t just about calling or texting, it’s much more than that, especially if you have an option to communicate through interesting fun stickers. WeChat has made all possible efforts to make the entire communication process more interesting for the users, and introducing stickers is one part of this endeavor.

Wechat Apk 2

WeChat Moments The application allows you to be more expressive through your personal stream where you could share the moments with your friends on the application.

WeChat high-end privacy

WeChat is certified by TRUSTe and it is the only app to receive such certification for offering the best level of privacy to its users. This is yet another reason to bring you closer to this wonderful application.

WeChat real time location Real-time location sharing options make it convenient for you to help people relocate you. Instead of answering calls about your location, you have a chance to send the location and make things clear in a click.

WeChat language support– WeChat enables it functions in 20 different languages. This is yet another reason that’s making the application popular worldwide. It also allows the option to translate messages in any language allowed in the app.

Wechat Apk 1

WeChat new friends With an option to find “nearby people” to locate your friends on the “friends radar”, you could get closer to your friends and start chatting with them on either anything necessary or also on the unnecessary topics.

Steps To Download Wechat Apk:

Wechat Apk download

You can either download the WeChat Apk Download directly from the Google play store or from App Store on your Apple device, and this is one of the most convenient ways to reach to the application. While the other option to gain access to the app is getting it through the apk link to the application.

To get access to the app through WeChat apk follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to settings and enable downloading from unknown sources.
  • Get to the apk link which shall direct you to the source of downloading the app.
  • Download the app and click install.
  • Once the app is installed, it good to be used for the benefits that follow.

This is how you will have access to one of the most favorite social media communication app worldwide.


The above-mentioned points are the reasons why WeChat App is a known name worldwide and has made about 400 million users across the globe. You will never get enough of this instant messaging and calling application, as this has so much to entertain you and bring things as topics to discuss with your friends. The world is a small place, and that’s proven right with the available of social communication apps like WeChat.

BigoLive Apk | Download Bigo Live App For Android, iOS And PC

Bigo Live app is broadcasting application that is available for different mobile platforms. This next level broadcasting trend lets anyone and everyone who owns a smartphone, make their own live stream. This is a perfect app for people that are interested in knowing and talking to the people all around the globe. You can also stream in the live performances of many talents that can be from anywhere around the world. This app can also be called as a platform for the talented people to show cast their art and talent in front of the audience from any place around the globe.

BigoLive Apk Download For Android & Other smartphones:

bigolive Apk

What is the hype about it?

Basically, Bigo Live app is a known and very popular application that is made especially for smartphones having different platforms like ios. This app allows the user to post their own live streaming videos or allows the user to go through the live streams of other Bigo Live Apk download application users. There is no limit to the people that you can interact here. The users of this app can be from anywhere all around the globe and any user can easily interact with any other Bigo Live user irrespective of any location.

The main features of the Bigo Live app:

  • The limit extends nowhere:

The connectivity of this application allows the user to interact with another Bigo Live user that could be from anywhere. So the limit of the interaction is actually the globe here. That means that the platform of Bigo Live user extends to no limits. Definitely, it will be thrilling to talk and get to know someone that you could have never thought of. And you never know who gets to talk to you.

  • Time to get those fans on your list:

Well, if you had a dream to be a star and have followers you don’t really have to be an Iron Man. Just download Bigo Live app and be an impressive profile and soon you will be having a long fan list that would make you a star.

  • Follow your icon everywhere:

If you are one of the diehard fans of anyone and stalk your star everywhere else why not here? so Bigo Live actually have most of the celebrity list included and with the feature to video call and interact, you might have another chance to get close to your star for one more time.

  • All is new and it is live:

This is the most amazing feature of Bigo Live apk. Everything you see and everyone you see here is live so you are actually in an app that features real people in real time. Also, you can broadcast yourself anytime you want, anywhere you want and you will be good to go.

  • Gifty gift deals:

bigolive Apk 1

One can also gift another Bigo Live user some virtual gift. So you can actually make anyone in the world happy without even giving up something of yours except those internet bytes. Just click and send cool and pretty gifts which can be as unique as you want.

  • Get the party going:

This is the just wanted feature that most of us were dreaming of. Being a user of Bigo Live you can actually invite your friends on this platform to have parties that never stop. One can be a host to the party and host to the broadcast by compiling all your contacts and friends under a single chat and host it like a star show.

Bigolive Apk – Conclusion:

So these were some amazing features of the Bigo Live app. What’s the wait? Go get one.

Download Safari for PC Windows(7/8.1/10) & Mac iOS Devices

Safari For PC People who use iOS devices or Mac must be aware of the word ‘Safari, ’ but many people don’t know about Safari. Safari is nothing but a web browser which is developed by Apple and it is based on Webkit engine. Safari is the default browser of Apple products. If you want you can download, install and access all the features of Safari for PC too. Safari used solely on Mac until iPhone released. Then it became the default browser on both the Apple device.

Download Safari for PC – iOS Devices For Free:

Safari For PC

Safari comes with many unique features which are not present in our default browser or in any other browser. Once Apple made this browser available for Windows OS too but then discontinued. It was available from 2007 to 2012 only. Though this browser is officially not available for Windows but if you want you can download and install Safari for PC and access all its features. In this article, I am going to discuss about all you need to know about safari.

All you need to know about Safari for PC

When Safari was launched for the first time, it won millions of hearts by its awesome design and features. Before Safari was launched, people were using browsers only for connecting to the internet. When Safari launched browsing the internet became a joy.

In the initial stage, this browser was available only on Mac, but it became more popular when Apple made this browser available for windows too. The developers are adding more features to it in every upgrade since it launched. The awesome user interface, the easy navigation option from site to site and many other added features made Safari unique and popular among its users.

Features of Safari for PC

As I said earlier, Safari browser comes with some unique features which you won’t get in any other browser. But you will get all the latest features of Safari only on iOS devices and on Mac because after version 5.1.7 (which was released on 2012) Apple kept this browser for Apple products only. So if you want to download and install  Safari on your PC, you will get the version 5.1.7 and its features only.  Some of safari’s (Version 5.1.7) features are given below.

  • Tabbed browsing is enabled in Safari.
  • Bookmarking experience in the browser improves with Safari browser.
  • You can block ads from Safari, and it reminds you by popping up.
  • You can search history and the bookmarks in Safari.
  • You can search texts too from Safari.
  • Spell checking is enabled in this browser which is unique.
  • The multi-bar option allows you to customize up to 10 different browser toolbars.
  • There is an ‘internet search’ option in the toolbar, where you can search directly for anything, and the result will be provided either by Google or Yahoo.

How to download Safari for PC?

If you want to download and install Safari on your PC, then you need to install the old (5.1.7) version as Apple didn’t make available the latest versions for Windows. Though in the web you may get the latest setup files, but those won’t work on your PC because those are for Apple products.  You can download Safari to your PC by following the below-mentioned steps.

Safari For PC 1

Step 1

First, you need to open your browser and then type for ‘Safari for Windows’ and click on search.

Step 2

The search result will show you many versions of Safari, but you have to choose version 5.1.7 from the list. Before downloading make sure you are downloading from a trustworthy site.

Step 3

When you will choose a site, you will see a download option, click on that and your download will begin.

Step 4

When your download will finish open the downloaded file and double-click the file to install and then accept the terms and conditions.

Step 5

Once the file is installed, an icon of Safari will appear on the desktop. You can open the browser by double clicking it and can access all the features of version 5.1.7.

Safari For PC – Conclusion:

Though safari is a very good browser but if you compare this version of Safari with your updated Google Chrome or Mozila, you will see your browser provides much more features than Safari. But the latest version of safari, which Apple is using on Mac and iOS, comes with more features. It’s better to use other browsers than Safari if you are using Windows. Still, you can give it a try for a change.

How to Make Money Online With the Bigo Live App?

Making Money online with bigo live app is probably the most blooming and trending way of earning money. Blogging, YouTube, etc. are some of the great ways to make money online. But do you know about Bigo Live App? Well, you might know about that but most people don’t know the fact that earning money with Bigo Live is quite possible too. Basically, people know about Bigo Live as a Live Video Streaming Social App.

How To Earn Money With Bigo Live App – Bigo Live PC:

Most people use this app to interact with their friends and some use it to showcase their talents. The later kinds of people dance, cook, sing and do different activities to showcase their talents. And most people are quite alienated from the idea of making money with Bigo Live. This post will provide you with all the information that is needed to make money by Bigo Live.

Bigo Live – How To Use?

Well, downloading and installation is the easy part. But Earn money using Bigo Live app can be a bit hectic if you are not familiar with such types of apps. Well, some steps have been provided down below to make it easier for you to use the app.

  • First of all, you need to go through the registration process. The registration is quite the same as other app registrations.
  • To register it is recommended that you use a Google Account. You need to provide all the required permissions.
  • After successful registration, the app will redirect you to the homepage of the app.
  • The home page will contain all the Live broadcast. Click on the one that you wish to visit. You will be able to view but the broadcaster won’t be able to see you.
  • You will be able to send text messages and beans to the person whose live video you are watching.
  • Only when you start your own live video you will be able to make calls to any user.

bigo live features

And this is how you need to use the Bigo Live App. Now let’s move on to the part about you can make money using this App.

Steps for Making Money By the Bigo Live App:

Earning money online may sound easy but it’s not, the same applies for Bigo Live too.  There are few basic steps that you need to follow in order to make money using this app.

  • The first step is to make sure that you are showcasing some of your talents. Well, most people here show off their various qualities. This will ensure that you have a lot of viewers which is quite important to earn money. Well, in some case it has been seen that people get a lot of followers on their videos just by sitting idle.
  • The viewers on your video may provide you with gifts and coins. These coins and gifts get deposited in the gifts and coins tab of your profile. Check out the number of coins and gifts that you have in your profile.
  • Now in that tab, you will be able to see that there are options for sending them to others. Besides that, you will be able to see an option that will convert these to money. You can transfer the money to your bank account. The money can only be converted after you have a certain amount.


And this is how you can earn money with the help of Bigo Live PC. There are some tips & tricks that you can use to make money with the help of Bigo Live App. These tips & tricks have been provided below.

Tips and Tricks to Get More Followers & More Money:

So the tips and tricks that you can use the get followers on Bigo Live are provided below. And more followers mean more viewers on the live videos. The viewers will provide you with Coins, Beans, and Gifts which you can convert to money.

  • Do something different that will separate you from the rest of the heard. People are always open to something new and your live video will start getting more viewer. The secret is to get more followers to earn more money.
  • Most people prefer adventurous videos. So if you can do then you can expect a huge boost of followers.
  • Make sure that you are using a good quality phone. If your live video quality is not clear then you can expect a drop of followers.
  • The final trick is to do at least one video per day. This will keep your followers informed that you are active and also hungry for your videos.

To conclude, Bigo Live App is a great platform to earn money online. This platform is not yet popular around the world but it has taken over Southeast Asia. I would suggest you get this app as soon as possible and start making your own videos. You might be able to earn killing with this App.

Messenger App – Download for Android, PC Windows and Mac iOS

Facebook is the most famous of all the social networking sites. With the increase in popularity of Facebook, one more thing promptly kept on increasing the Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service integrated with Facebook and popularly known as Messenger. This software provides text and voice conversation between its users. Initially, Messenger was released on 9th August 2011. Messenger has been launched for all operating system including iOS and Mac.

The Facebook Messenger was done compulsory by the developers for chatting via Facebook in 2014. To draw more users to its circle, a lighter version of Facebook Messenger which is about 10mb in size was developed. It’s slightly down version of the original Messenger App and it doesn’t have the feature of voice calling, video calling, and notification sounds thus reducing the file size.

Messenger App  Download for Android, iOS and iPhone/iPad:

Messenger App

The lite version has the basic feature of chat, stickers, image sharing and is suitable for the users who use 2g or slow internet connection. The countries where internet connection is not so fast lite version of the messenger is the best alternate for the messenger. Facebook Messenger APK have reached over 1 billion of active users within a month. The Android and iOS version of Facebook Messenger was launched in August 2011. After 11 updated version of the messenger app, messenger the app was released for the blackberry version. In April 2014, the messaging feature was removed from Facebook app and users were forced to use MESSENGER for the chatting purpose.

The USA user Messenger app has the advantage of sending money to their friends by the use of messenger app. Last year, during 27th April video calling facility in the Facebook Messenger app, was launched. The US member of the messenger app also gets the feature of handling the app as for business purpose and also for the booking of cars from the Uber. In April 2016, Facebook introduced group calling facility through the Messenger app. This feature helps the user to make group calling through the app for free.

Messenger App Features and Utility:

The Facebook Messenger is not only an instant messaging app anymore. It has added a lot of features and benefits since split from the social networking flagship. Currently, Messenger has over 600 million users worldwide. There is always a scope of change in this modern innovation and technology cited world. Let’s have a look into the important and unique features of the recently upgraded Download Messenger app. The following are the additional features of the Messenger app:

The following are the additional features of the Messenger app:

  • Game and more

The previous version of the Messenger app supported in it the emoticon, gifs and meme generator. But the recently updated version supports in-app game live the doodle draw game among its users. With adding this feature, Messenger joins the list of chat app we chat, line and Viber which supports the in-app game.

  • Messenger for desktop

Now you can directly switch into your Messenger app through the desktop version of the app without going to the Facebook site. This app gives the access to the users messages without being distracted by the original full sites. The desktop version is similar to the mobile version of the Messenger but it comes with a two column layout. The user can find the list of conversation on one side and contact list on the other side. The desktop version includes resting all the feature of the mobile Messenger app.

  • Location sharing

Firstly Facebook introduced the location sharing facility as default, user .it used to show the location of the user till turned off. But the Messenger app contains the optional sharing of the location of the user.To share the location of one’s user have to tap the location icon or choose the location feature from the more options given.

  • Video chat

When texting and voice calls are not enough, Messenger provides for its user the option of the video call. This feature of video call was added to the messenger service during April and can be done from anywhere using the app. Calls are free but data is incurred and can cost a sum of money if you are not connected to the internet. The blue icon on the right side of messenger shows the video call option if the icon shows in grey then at that moment user can’t be reached through a video call.

  • Mute notification

To stop the conversation from disturbing and bothering you there is an excellent option available to the user. The user of Messenger can use the option of mute notification, though messages will be received you will not get notifications about it and it won’t is disturbing. Just select the name of the user whose conversation you want to mute and select the time from 15mins to indefinite time.

  • Imported contact deletion

Facebook used to import contacts from the contact list of your device to use for future reference and used it saved to the Facebook server. With the Messenger app feature, you can delete the imported contact saved on your Facebook.

These are the main unique features of Facebook Messenger which its provide to the user. There are quite a lot to unlock it and know it.

 How to Install Messenger Apk:

Messenger App install

Facebook Messenger app can be directly downloaded from Google play store or any operating system market. But if you are to install it from any third party source or unofficial Android market, you have to follow few simple steps to install the messenger app. The steps of installation are as follows:

  • Firstly, check whether your device allows installation from unknown sources. If not then click on the settings on the device and go to the security option and allow the installation from unknown sources from there.
  • Browse through the various website to download the Messenger apk download to your device. It is recommended to select a trusted website and Android market for downloading the apk .
  • After downloading the apk, click on the apk file to install it to your device. As you have already allowed the installation from unknown sources, the installation process will start on the go.
  • After the successful installation of the Messenger apk on your device. An icon of the Facebook Messenger app will appear on the home screen of your device.
  • Now, just open the app and enjoy the fun filled chatting experience.

These were the steps related to the installation of the Messenger apk.

 Conclusion For Messenger App:

With the growing users of Android and Facebook, Messenger app users will definitely get a hike. This is the best app to be connected to your contacts of Facebook. And with the growing technology each day there will be unique features in the Facebook Messenger app in future. Then just enjoy the world of seamless chatting with your near and dear ones on the Facebook networking site.