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Wechat is the social media instant messaging and calling platform that’s designed to let people cut down the distance across the globe. Social media platforms have transformed the world (and with this, I mean literally transform), and this is quite evident through the dependency we own to the different social media platforms. WeChat is basically the Chinese platform to chat and communicate, which is available in multiple languages to let it be more user-friendly suiting the increasing demands of people across the globe. Through WeChat apk you could download the application with utmost ease, and this would change your life for better.

Wechat Apk Download For Windows PC & iPhone/iPad:

Wechat Apk

The increasing popularity of this Chinese calling and messaging app and put people into the dilemmatic situation, wondering the reason for why the app is becoming so popular. For an application to be preferred, it needs to be easy to use, free of cost, and of course, should bring in such interesting features which are hardly introduced by any other platform or company. Thus, below we will discuss some of the reasons (features) which make Wechat app popular amongst its people

Best Features For Wechat Apk:

WeChat out calls WeChat is not just about chatting through messages, but it allows the users to make quick and seamless calls to different landlines and mobile phones across the globe. This is possible is conveniently low rates, where the users enjoy the most flawless option to chat and communicate.

Wechat Apk 3

WeChat group chats and calls- Not just calls and chats with one single user, but group chat option are enabled to. You not only can communicate on messages within a group, but voice calls too could be made in a group where more than two people can communicate at reasonably low rates for better output.

WeChat multimedia messaging You can send videos, images, text and voice messages too. Now, this is interesting as multimedia options to communicate makes the entire process much more interesting. Now you don’t really need a reason to chat with the people you know because you could even entertain each other through the multimedia communication options.

WeChat sticker gallery There are free animated stickers available in hundreds of numbers. Now a day communication isn’t just about calling or texting, it’s much more than that, especially if you have an option to communicate through interesting fun stickers. WeChat has made all possible efforts to make the entire communication process more interesting for the users, and introducing stickers is one part of this endeavor.

Wechat Apk 2

WeChat Moments The application allows you to be more expressive through your personal stream where you could share the moments with your friends on the application.

WeChat high-end privacy

WeChat is certified by TRUSTe and it is the only app to receive such certification for offering the best level of privacy to its users. This is yet another reason to bring you closer to this wonderful application.

WeChat real time location Real-time location sharing options make it convenient for you to help people relocate you. Instead of answering calls about your location, you have a chance to send the location and make things clear in a click.

WeChat language support– WeChat enables it functions in 20 different languages. This is yet another reason that’s making the application popular worldwide. It also allows the option to translate messages in any language allowed in the app.

Wechat Apk 1

WeChat new friends With an option to find “nearby people” to locate your friends on the “friends radar”, you could get closer to your friends and start chatting with them on either anything necessary or also on the unnecessary topics.

Steps To Download Wechat Apk:

Wechat Apk download

You can either download the WeChat Apk Download directly from the Google play store or from App Store on your Apple device, and this is one of the most convenient ways to reach to the application. While the other option to gain access to the app is getting it through the apk link to the application.

To get access to the app through WeChat apk follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to settings and enable downloading from unknown sources.
  • Get to the apk link which shall direct you to the source of downloading the app.
  • Download the app and click install.
  • Once the app is installed, it good to be used for the benefits that follow.

This is how you will have access to one of the most favorite social media communication app worldwide.


The above-mentioned points are the reasons why WeChat App is a known name worldwide and has made about 400 million users across the globe. You will never get enough of this instant messaging and calling application, as this has so much to entertain you and bring things as topics to discuss with your friends. The world is a small place, and that’s proven right with the available of social communication apps like WeChat.

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